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Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring



Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring leads his highly trained elite experienced teams towards further justice and peaceful solutions that benefit many more innocent people throughout the World. Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring has 27 years of experience spanning the globe in these fields with the additional wealth of experience that his trusted commanders and unit leaders bring on-board The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group Of Companies. Jo started his foray into the legal world by working at Freeses & Co a lawfirm in the City of London as he co-ordinated legal asset identification team/conducted the legal cases in relation to asset verification,collections and European Commission regulations so that UK Businesses/Individuals were protected by the EU laws. Jo than proceeded onward into the UK banking World leading the Asset investigation and collections team for British Linan Finance a Subsidiary of the Bank Of Scotland while he continued expanding his business security and anti-terrorism monitoring operations overseas with his Millennium Associated Networks (M.A.N)/Global Man Solves teams. Due to 9/11 and the illegal wars/increasing threats in the Middle East, the whole teams were restructured/streamlined further as NO company personnel were sent to Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya,Pakistan,Yemen or Syria as the focus remained on monitoring and protection/preventing discrimination of groups,clients and individuals that may pose/posed threats to the Western/Middle East World/innocent people. "Now in 2017 only the trusted and loyal are onboard The World Homeland Security Group of Companies as others have been banished/banned while listed on the secure databases that matter as we continue our culling so that many more innocent people benefit without corrupt Politicians/ Greedy bankers playing games with innocent peoples lives. IF some of the Western Politicians/Western bankers and many Western Sponsored/Funded Terrorists want to increase wars/conflicts than they should fight the wars themselves by sending their sons,daughters relatives to fight first away from ALL innocent people and away from ALL peaceful societies of this World. IT IS NOT HARD TO MAKE A DECISON WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR "TRUE" VALUES ARE! " - Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring.


Without any affiliation or bias towards any Government, World HomeLand Security Group of Companies offers a brand spectrum of services to help clients mitigate their risks and increase their prospects of success & safety along with most cost effective import/export trading services with their trusted Specialist Strategic Partners.So whether you need a single security guard or a fully trained security force, we will offer you the best possible solution and you can rely on us for skilled personnel to complete your assignment professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively.Apart from our Core Investigation services, we also focus in Security Consulting and Management tailored for Commercial and Industry Protection, Executive VIP Protection, and the Implementation and Maintenance of Security Equipment. We offer an exclusive “Total Tactical Security Solution” which include security guards, electronic security systems, access control systems, and private/corporate investigations to clients across the globe.All these services are provided in a highly professional manner by the most skilled, trusted, loyal and versatile operatives in the strictest of confidence.











The latest Hi-Techs Defence Equipment Educational Security Software Solutions that make the World more safer/stronger with Our SmarTechno C8 IND Meta Modules/Software Sytems which are being delivered as More “Make in R.I.C.A.” Grows and exports increase throughout the World.

For more of what you/your company requires in regards to “Make in R.I.,C.A” from The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group and if you wish to increase your sales market, protect your family/employees, office assets, land and safeguard investments throughout the World contact us as we

sign the NDA/MOU Agreements so that everything remains strictly confidential at all times. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU WITH OUR BEST.