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The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group Of Companies undertakes financial investigations of misconduct, bribery and corruption, as well as assessments of financial transactions, accounting irregularities, and regulatory and compliance issues on behalf of publicly and closely held companies, private equity firms, government agencies, municipalities, NGOs and high net worth individuals.


The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group Of Companies provides business advisory services through specialist support from investigation through to expert testimony, allowing our clients to focus on their business.

We have expertise handling commercial dispute cases across a range of situations, including disputes with partners, vendors, employees, licensees and competitors. We provide the client with a full picture of the facts by bringing together a unique mix of investigators skilled in computer forensics, forensic accounting, and intellectual property.

Substantial experience building strategy and cases in commercial disputes across a range of industries and markets means that we have the local and technical knowledge to resolve issues as efficiently as possible.


Knowing the facts early on is critical. Experience shows that a panicked reaction to a potential problem can damage an organization’s reputation and the chances of a smooth resolution, demoralize the workforce, and create mistrust. Our investigative strategy is built upon understanding the client’s objective, be it court action, union negotiation, employee termination or exit from a business relationship.

The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group Of Companies’s multidisciplinary, international teams have helped clients understand their vulnerabilities in the toughest of circumstances, from reconstructing complex transactions after the failure and collapse of banks to the garden variety vendor fraud. We advise clients on best practice and procedures to ensure that future fraudulent incidents are minimized.


The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group of Companies monitorship teams conduct evaluations of an organization that is subject to oversight, establish plans for improving upon identified deficiencies, develop metrics for and measure against proposed compliance improvements, and prepare detailed compliance reports for courts, regulators and government agencies. Our experienced professionals provide invaluable guidance, contributing from their diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, forensic accounting, law, compliance, auditing and subject matter expertise. The World Homeland Security (WHS) Group of Companies’s subject matter experts include those with years of experience in banking (BSA, AML and OFAC) and anti-bribery and corruption (FCPA, UK Bribery Act) as well as other industries, such as construction and manufacturing.