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The new USA President attempts in balancing/uniting the Country while cleaning up the financial/illegal war messes created by the previous USA/UK/France/Israel fools voted into power by their foolish people. The "Make in America" will increase employment while also prevent further overseas conflicts. The USA doe NOT need to side with/support the UK/The State of Israel Illegal wars/immigration problems which have been created by themselves. Why should the USA Government/USA taxpayers Bail them out or further risk losing the lives of their soldiers?? We select only the best of the USA Companies/USA products that are not war related as we showcase the best of the USA so that many innocent people and their children can continue living peaceful lives. In 2017/20..The UK/Some European Countries/Companies are over and out in more ways than one so do not risk losing your assets and lives for the past. We are the present focused towards the future for all our carefully selected clients and innocent people irrespective of ones country, culture or religious beliefs. " - Joginder (Jo) Singh Birring



























We strongly advise all our clients/Overseas Public NOT TO INVEST IN THE UK OR UK/BRITISH COMPANIES/BANKS after the Brexit the UK will be more debt ridden and the pound

will further lose value thus creating more losses. Invest in the carefully selected European Countries/B.R.I.C.S IRAN companies that we highlight

as we manage the credit control monitoring/asset protection meta modules that will be activated by us on your behalf

so that you are legally assured/ insured and protected.





















































We fully focus on your real goals towards extra financial success where your profits increase and we cover any losses in regards to



At SmarTechno I*Bank, we’ve developed top-tier investment capabilities to provide solid answers at each one of those decision points.

Our system is dynamic to continuously respond to changes in World market conditions and client needs.

Our Global methods are time-tested with years of multi asset, multi manager expertise and a history of proven innovation and no matter what

kind of investor you are, we direct this total portfolio approach towards your unique needs and goals throughout the World.

Working together, it’s what we do at SmarTechno I*Bank because we believe a total portfolio

view gives our clients the highest likelihood of achieving financial security and that is always our focus.



























We at SmarTechno I*Bank stand with you, whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial adviser, or an individual guided by an adviser’s personalized advice.

We believe the best way to reach your desired outcomes is with a multi-asset approach, combining asset allocation, manager selection

and dynamic portfolio management. Our Sophisticated real time knowledge modulation software and C8 I Units track/monitor 24/7 on your

behalf once commissioned.



























What is Multi-Asset Investing?


In simplest terms, multi-asset investing is the process of gaining exposure to a globally diverse mix of asset classes and styles in a

single investment portfolio. Multi-asset investing may combine traditional securities, such as equities and bonds, with non-traditional approaches,

such as alternative investments.

The term, multi-asset, is relatively new to most companies. So the definitions vary widely. It is vital that investors carefully compare offerings.

Some firms define multi-asset simply by the number of asset classes in a portfolio. Others by the types of asset classes, saying that alternatives,

such as private equity and hedge funds, are a must. Still others might align multi-asset with fund-of-funds portfolios, or combinations of short-term

and long-term approaches. Of course, all types of investments have their own inherent risks and risk levels of asset classes vary.

We at the World Homeland Security Group of Companies eliminate all risks with our finely tuned precise meta modules of Intel filtering in real time

mode as we also take the guarantee that we will reimburse ALL of your investment capital entrusted to us.
















We believe you achieve your highest likelihood of reaching your goals when you take a total-portfolio approach to investing. And we think there’s a definable list of capabilities

required to manage total portfolios successfully:


Capital market insights


Manager research


Asset allocation


Portfolio implementation


Factor exposures



OUR SMARTECHNO I*BANK Funds Portfolios consist of Land,Property, Precious valuables,Vehicles,planes,helicopters,ships and trading brokerage accounts throughout the World..

Please contact us with your requirements and we will handle everything in the strictest of confidence.